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Low-Country Radio - Click for Complete Album Information
2014 Release with Evan Price and Matthew Spearly of The Knuckle Dusters
You're a Cancer - Click for Complete Album Information
2015 Release with featured guests Shelby Boggs and Kent Bunting
Low-Country Radio - Click for Complete Album Information
2014 Release with Evan Price and Matthew Spearly of The Knuckle Dusters

Scott Spearly has been writing songs and performing live music for the last twenty-five years. He has over one hundred original compositions to his credit including songs and instrumentals. His writing has appeared in Jazziz Magazine and in 2005 one of his original blues titled "Gone" appeared in the independent film Fatwa for Capitol City Entertainment.

Music is the guiding force in his life, one that stems from deep genetic propensities. His maternal grandfather was a WWII-era songwriter who toured with the USO. His eldest uncle Butch played guitar and organ, and his youngest uncle Anthony hammered some driving piano for a late 70’s roadhouse and honky-tonk band. Jack, his father, played cornet for the American Legion band. Myrabelle, his paternal grandmother, played church piano as a young girl and later in life her own honky-tonk tunes on an old Windsor tobacco-burst archtop. As a child he was for a time separated from the loving hands of music with an early divorce of his parents. After age 7, most of Spearly’s life was shaped by several moves across the country, eventually landing him in the cities of Los Angeles and Las Vegas for his formative years.

While he was still in high school, Spearly’s mother and stepfather forced him to take up piano, but rather than work on scales and arpeggios handed down by a classical piano teacher, he found himself plunking out melodies and bass notes for songs on the radio. He began to develop an ear for oldies and classic rock. Soon after the blues seed was planted when he was tuning the radio dial one night; in the lower frequencies he caught James Cotton wailing on Diggin’ My Potatoes. He bought the record the next day and listened to it until the vinyl lines vanished.

In 1988 he was reunited with his father with an invitation to return to Pennsylvania, to work for the family construction business and attend college. While working on his English degree at Penn State, a mentor gave Spearly his first harmonica and some tapes of Sonny Boy Williamson. The gesture  spawned a drive to learn Chicago Blues, but soon he immersed himself in primitive folk, hokum, and old country ballads. His dad bought him a banjo, introducing his journeyman’s hands to the world of strings.  Then, passing on the legacy, Myrabelle gave him that Windsor archtop, and Spearly (along with close friend Tim Mitchell) formed The Knuckle Dusters --- a 20-year-and-still-running hillbilly band that’s performed throughout many states in a wide variety of venues.

Spearly sings, blows harp and plays an aggressive rhythm guitar for The Knuckle Dusters. In the studio, he handles bass lines, guitar leads, organ rhythms and melodies, mandolin, hand percussion and vocal harmonies. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Shippensburg University, and he has spent much of his professional career teaching exceptional children of all ages, from those with severe psychiatric disorders and learning disabilities to those students who are otherwise gifted and talented. He and his family live in a log cabin he built in 2007, just outside of historic Mercersburg where he creates in hermetic bliss.



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