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Scott Spearly is rooted deep in American music. Country and blues harmonica, hillbilly swing guitar and hokum runs through his veins. He is an avid writer with more than a hundred original compositions to his credit. His music and writing has appeared in independent films, jazz magazines and he's even sold a few CD's as far as Spain and Yugoslavia. His acoustic combo brainchild The Knuckle Dusters continues to perform for diverse audiences, and they work hard to preserve American musical forms. 


Paul Mackrell is a banjo champion tried and true. At the Deer Creek fiddlers' convention they only let him compete every-other-year as he's captured 1st place regularly in the "traditional" category for old-time banjo. He's upheld the style faithfully for over 30 years now and has no intentions of slowing down. Paul is also a great tenor vocalist and boogie-woogie guitar fool.  Paul has also played rhythm and lead guitar with Hangfire and has been a guest banjoist for The Speakeasy Boys.

Robbie Caruthers is a master of Old Time Fiddle. No one has played more regional festivals and events than "Ragtime Robbie." Yeah, he can play swing, sure he loves a good rag, blues... he can make you cry, Irish tunes... no problem, but if you want to hear him burn up the strings OLD TIME is what he bleeds. Fiddling full time with The Knuckle Dusters & The Speakeasy Boys, Robbie covers the eastern panhandle like no one else.

Richard Pryor "Captain Rich" signed on full-time with the Knuckle Dusters in 2009 after 30+ years in the postal service. He is a musical freak of nature. With his fiddle he'll saw with anyone note for note. Put a mandolin in his hands and he is outright dangerous. Did we mention that Rich also flat picks a guitar with machine gun speed, and that if you have a bugle or trombone in your house you better hide it?  Bass Guitar? Drums? Dulcimer? You betcha!

Evan Price fiddles real nice, from the "jumbo-tron" at the New Orleans Jazz Festival to swanky private parties in New York.  Evan is a teacher of music to all grades in Smithsburg, Maryland... right hand man at the Pennsylvania Opry... and a master of Jazz along with many other styles. He's played in symphonies, sung in choral groups and has toured extensively performing country music. But Evan is a Louisiana fiddler to his core: Blues, Shrimp, Barbecue and LSU. Need we say more?

Matthew Spearly is the latest addition to The Knuckle Dusters. Trained on upright bass, violin and percussion, Matt can hold his own on guitar and mandolin as well. He is a concert bassist with West Virginia University's orchestra, and has performed with the Cumberland Valley Community Orchestra and Band. Matt played his first bar gig with the rock band "Offender" when he was thirteen.

Tim Mitchell is a gentleman on the guitar, favoring the likes of Doc Watson and Chet Atkins. Tim grew up playing fiddle tunes on a six string. He's an intricate finger-picker and can flat-pick with the best of them. Music was always present in his family with his father playing organ and his older brother, Tom, playing guitar. Over the last three decades Tim has performed for a myriad of public events including Civil War reenactments, square dances, taverns, and festivals.

Gary Peck pictured here at the "Disgraceland Ball" is a barbecue phenomenon. He toured the eastern panhandle with The Knuckle Dusters from 2005-2007. A river bard tried and true, when he's not fishing, he's singing. If you've ever floated anywhere along the Juniata River in rural Pennsylvania, you've heard his echo. Specializing in classic country and singing with power and praise, Gary is one of America's best kept secrets. 

Mindy Morris has a voice that is no less than pristine --- boasting graceful notes, clear delivery and tasteful phrasing. Like many talented vocalists she plays a few instruments, notably piano and viola. Mindy performed regularly with the Knuckle Dusters from 2002-2005. She received her formal training at Indiana University Pennsylvania and the Shenandoah Conservatory. Mindy has performed as a vocalist for the Appalachian Jubilee and as a soloist for numerous public and private functions. 

Tony Deshong serves as a stage hand, roadie, navigator...and hired goon. Try to get too close to The Knuckle Dusters and you'll have a real country HOSS on your hands. Kin by marriage, Tony a.k.a "Buford" is one of our biggest fans. He captains legions of whoopin' and hollerin' Harrisonville hellians. Tony claims he can't hold a tune in 5 gallon bucket, but if you ever need an authority on 1970-80's vintage Chevy trucks, he's your man.